Royal Palm Hills & Indang Village

The concept of a British style village originated from the idea that it would attract British Filipinos and other British residents who would welcome the possibility of living in the comfort of a superbly designed British Style house, amid beautiful surroundings and perfect weather. Thus Indang Village & Royal Palm Hills was created.



    As the President & Chairman of this development company I would like to emphasize total commitment to deliver value to our clients and shareholders. This is achieved through expert business acumen, grounded in financial prudence governed by a pragmatic approach. Thus we are always prepared to give serious consideration to offer service that can deliver what we perceive to be of excellent value. At the same time we also seek to enhance the value of our existing properties through redefining and upgrading the area.

    Our existing projects, INDANG VILLAGE known as the "British Village of the Philippines" and ROYAL PALM HILLS, known as Canadian Village of the Philippines,  are both strategically located in Brgy. Calumpang Lejos, Indang, Cavite, Philippines. These two projects cover a total land development area of 26 hectares. These development offer an affordable and attractive homes to all interested parties locally and abroad.

    Royal Palm Hills is a world class development sustained by innovative architectural design and well supported by business partners, suppliers and government agencies.
    We are thus highly motivated to maintain excellent quality property development standard.

    President & Chairman
  • Our Mission & Vision

    To transform rural land into a development that will provide livelihood and employment to the residents of Indang Cavite by quality home construction while preserving the environment and nature to provide comfort and enjoyment to its residents. A residual benefit of this approach is the provision of medical care facilities for "retirees" residing within the village.

  • Corporate Values

    • Customer Focus:
      • Our approach is not only the maximization of revenue but more on customer satisfaction. This is achieved by focusing on customer relations in terms of listening and attending to their needs. A long term approach is to maintain an efficient service for the benefits of lot and home buyers.
    • Trust, Integrity and Fairness:
      • Our reputation is vitally important thus. Clients can place their trust in this Company. It is our serious business and responsibility to respect and adhere to this trust.
    • Open Communication:
      • Additionally we encourage a "two way street" between this Company and all our customer & business contacts. It is vital that we always demonstrate positive and open business clarity in all our dealings.
    • Employee Development & Work Environment:
      • The most important aspect of any business enterprise is to demonstrate a close and supportive relationship with employees. To accomplish this, we offer career advancement as an opportunity to grow intellectually and attain job satisfaction for all our employees.
    • Innovation as Social Responsibility:
      • With input from employees we continue to improve and streamline our approach to the development and efficiency of our business projects. It is our social responsibility to build quality homes and to maintain an environment conducive to the enjoyment and satisfaction of all residents. We provide significant amenities for the community namely: schools, church, parks and playground, gardens, swimming pool, clubhouse, sports facilities such as basketball courts, tennis courts and the like..
    • Business Strategy:
      • With our continous land development we are in a position to stimulate investment and create more job and thus make a contribution to economic growth.
  • Indang Village and Royal Palm Hills Village, At a Glance

    The above are located in an area of upland Cavite at an elevation above sea level of approximately 240 to 380 meters. Consequently there is no danger of flooding.

    A high-end location with plenty of fresh air. A great community close to nature,... yet within all the conveniences and modern amenities that any family can enjoy.

    Both projects make extensive forays in the municipality of Indang, Cavite's leisure sector, and this company will actively pursue expansion in the coming year. This diversified expansion caters for local and international markets and enhances the image of the company as a leader in the real estate industry, The company established in 1995, builds value for buyers, with quality designed and architecturally approved property.

    The concept of a British style village originated from the idea that it would attract British Filipinos and other British residents who would welcome the possibility of living in the comfort of a superbly designed British Style homes, amid beautiful surroundings and perfect weather. From the success of Indang Village, Royal Palm Hills known as Canadian Village was created.


    Q.E.D. John Elkin,
    26 October, 2012

Key Officers

Geronimo G. Zarcilla - President & Chairman of the Board

Gil E. Zarcilla - Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

Julie Gumaygay - Sales Director, International & Local Sales

Lynda B. Elkin - Sales Director, International Sales

Maria Concepcion Bitancor - Admin & Finance Group

Marilou Lumague - Technical & Documentation Group

Marijo Alemania - Legal & Business Dev't. Group


Our Projects & Partners

  • Royal Palm Hills
  • Seaview
  • HHC
  • Kimberly Service